Festival Premieres and Commissions

Festival Premieres and Commissions


Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade Bewegt*
Cheryl Frances-Hoad The Wrath of Troilus*
Rylan Gleave to Gelert*
Thomas Hyde Cantilena
David Matthews A Fugue for Hugh
David Matthews Sonata for oboe and piano, Op 153*
Tarik O’Regan Machine – concerto for saxophone and string orchestra*
Julian Philips Looking West*
Francis Pott A Sort of Rainbow
Aileen Sweeney Cosmic Dawn*
Huw Watkins Piano Trio No 2*


James Francis Brown Variants of Solitude
Gary Carpenter … as dreams are made on*
Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade From Joseph Roth’s Radetzkymarsch*
Sarah Frances Jenkins Tincture of the Skies*
Cecilia McDowall A Crescent Ship
Adrian Sutton Trio Dances*
Hilary Tann Still in the water and singingbirds*
Matthew Taylor Oboe Concerto, Op 60
Freya Waley-Cohen Bad Habit
James B Wilson Water Dance*



Martin Butler Body Electric*
Amelia Clarkson Through His Gaze*
Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade Reginald: The Musings of a Victorian Gentleman*
Robin Haigh No One*
Joseph Phibbs Violin Sonata*
Emma-Ruth Richards Tenebris Litterarum*



Mark David Boden Soliton
James Francis Brown String Trio No 2*
Cheryl Frances-Hoad Tales of the Invisible*
Harriet Grainger Missa Brevis*
Hannah Lash Fault Lines*
Liam Mattison ADULTHOOD*
Gregory Rose Boudica*
Freya Waley-Cohen Winterbourne*
Adrian Williams Concerto for string orchestra*



Cydonie Banting The Gate of Dawn*
David Bednall Regina caeli*
Martin Butler Concertante Dances*
Manos Charalapoboulos Two Poems*
Gareth Moorcraft Dolly Shot*
Joseph Phibbs Juliana*
Huw Watkins Echo*



Edward Gregson String Quartet No 2*
Cecilia McDowall Love incorruptible
Robert Peate Knucklas Arches

Martin ButlerCheryl Frances-Hoad, Michael Zev Gordon,
Gabriel Jackson, David Knotts and Jack Sheen Bagatelles after Beethoven

Sally Beamish, Michael Berkeley, Christopher Gunning,
Thomas Hyde, David Matthews, Matthew Taylor,
Huw Watkins and Adrian Williams Variations on ‘Lovely Joan’*


Michael Berkeley Haiku*
James Francis Brown The Heavens and the Heart, for chorus and chamber orchestra*
Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade Ravens’ Cage*
Robert Saxton Hortus Musicae, Book II
Robert Saxton The Resurrection of the Soldiers*
Adrian Williams Cadenzas, Scherzos and Cantilenas*


Charlotte Bray Entanglement – a chamber opera in five scenes*
David Knotts Laments and Lullabies, for piano and chamber orchestra*
David Matthews Three Houseman Songs, Op 69 – version with string orchestra
Cecilia McDowall Flights of Angels
Joseph Phibbs String Quartet No 2*
Michael Small White Space
Matthew Taylor Pastorals, for violin and string orchestra*


Daniel Kidane Spear
Pawel Lukaszewski Requiem
Cecilia McDowall Airborne – a chamber opera in five scenes*
Stephen McNeff Concerto for oboe and string orchestra*
Lynne Plowman The Mariner’s Compass
Hilary Tann And the Snow Did Lie
Toby Young Lie Still*


Sally Beamish Hagar in the Wilderness – a chamber opera in four scenes*
Thomas Hyde Three Greek Women, Observed*
Gabriel Jackson Doonies Hill Antiphon (version for string orchestra)*
David Matthews Double Concerto for violin, viola and string orchestra, Op 122*
John Opstad Distant Places
Robert Peate Pearl


Michael Berkeley Oboe Quintet*
Chris Brammeld Three Inventions
James Francis Brown Ozymandias*
Peter Fribbins I Travelled among Unknown Men*
John McCabe String Quartet No 7 ‘Summer eves’*
Cecilia McDowall Rousseau’s Execution*
Alan Mills To Belshazzar*
Peter Sculthorpe Island Songs for saxophone, string orchestra and percussion*
Matthew Taylor Variations on a theme of Reger, Op 45*


Zita Bruzaite Cum Spe*
Joe Duddell Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis
John Hawkins Palinode – a ballet for five instruments*
Jon Opstad Searching
Joseph Phibbs Night Interludes*
Julian Philips Love Songs of Amy Lowell*
John Pickard Concertante Variations (Presteigne Concerto)*
Huw Watkins Concertino*


Mark Bowden the pale hill*
Joe Duddell
All Stars Aligned
Edward Elgar
arranged David Matthews String Quartet in E minor, Op 83*
Cheryl Frances-Hoad
Stapleton Castle*
Alexander L’Estrange And the Stones Sing*
Cecilia McDowall
Subject to the Weather*
Stephen McNeff
A Voice of One Delight*
Paul Patterson Deep in the Wood*
Lynne Plowman
Matthew Sheeran
ugh Wood Beginnings:Three early songs for mezzo-soprano and string orchestra, Op 54*


James Francis Brown, Peter Fribbins, John Hawkins, David Matthews, Alan Mills, Matthew Taylor and Hugh Wood Seven Haydn Fantasies for John McCabe, for solo piano

Martin Butler Concerto for soprano saxophone and string orchestra*
Gabriel Jackson
Piano Concerto*
David Knotts
Fossegrimen, for solo cello
Steve Martland
Short Story for saxophone quartet*
David Matthews
Journeying Songs for solo cello, Op 95*
Huw Watkins Nocturne, for horn and small orchestra – revised version
Adrian Williams
String Quartet No 4*


James Francis Brown Lost Lanes – Shadow Groves, for clarinet and string orchestra*
David Bruce
Gigue for flute and harp*
Joe Duddell
Nightswimming for piano trio*
Cheryl Frances-Hoad
Bouleumata for solo clarinet*
Matthew Taylor
String Quartet No 5*
Adrian Williams
Maelienydd for chamber orchestra*


Michael Berkeley Second Still Life for oboe and harp*
Joe Duddell
Four (mere) Bagatelles for string quartet*
Peter Fribbins
Fantasia on ‘Bugail Yr Hafod’*, for viola and piano
John Hymas
Caprice for saxophone and piano*
Gabriel Jackson
String Quartet No 3 ‘Llanandras Melodies’*
David Knotts
Hover, for clarinet and piano*
Geraint Lewis
Symphony for harpsichord
Christopher Lyndon-Gee
Over Litton, for flute and harp*
David Matthews
Adonis, for violin and piano, Op 105*
John McCabe
March Sonatina, for solo flute*
Cecilia McDowall
Y Deryn Pur, for oboe quartet*
Joseph Phibbs
Agea, for string quartet*
Lynne Plowman
Lullaby for Ianto, for solo piano*
Hilary Tann Shakkei: a diptych for oboe and small orchestra*
Huw Watkins
Prelude for solo cello*
Hugh Wood
Divertimento for string orchestra, Op 53*


James Francis Brown Trio Concertante, for violin, viola, cello and string orchestra*
Thomas Hyde
Three Nocturnes for solo piano*
John Joubert
Shropshire Hills – three songs for high voice and piano, Op 155*
Geraint Lewis
Over St John’s Hill, for tenor, harp and piano*
Huw Watkins
Suite for Harp*
Adrian Williams
Knocknarea for solo harp*


David Mathews Movement of Autumn, a song cycle for soprano and small orchestra*
John McCabe
Gladestry Quatrains, a song cycle for soprano and piano*
Cecilia McDowall
Radnor Songs for soprano and piano*
Ian Wilson
In fretta, in vento – string orchestra version


Joe Duddell Mnemonic for flute, harp and string orchestra*
John Pickard
Orion for trumpet and piano*
James Francis Brown Piano Quartet
Cecilia McDowall
The case of the unanswered wire, for string quartet


Adrian Williams Children of Baghdad for string sextet*
Helena Cavan A Prairie Sunset, for unaccompanied chorus

Michael Berkeley
, James Francis Brown, John Joubert,
Geraint Lewis
, David Matthews, John McCabe, Cecilia McDowall, Rhian Samuel,
Hilary Tann
and Adrian Williams A Garland for Presteigne, for soprano and piano*


Cecilia McDowall Dream City, for flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet*
Cecilia McDowall, John McCabe
and David Matthews Messiah Preludes*


Stephen Dodgson Concertino for two guitars and string orchestra


Graham Williams Newton/Bronze for viola and string orchestra*
Hilary Tann
The walls of Morlais Castle – revised version


John McCabe Cello Sonata*


Anthony Powers As Shadows to the Sun, for unaccompanied chorus*


Adrian Williams Horn Quintet*
John Joubert
Six Miniatures after Kilvert for violin and viola, Op 140
Michael Berkeley
Cello Concerto – revised version


Rhian Samuel Weeping Trellises, for solo piano
Rhian Samuel
Scenes from an Aria, for oboe and small orchestra*


Robert Spearing A Welsh Bestiary, for oboe and piano
Hilary Tann
Water’s Edge – orchestral version
Hilary Tann
The Cresset Stone, for solo violin*


Babette Koblenz Trois Fours, for solo percussion*
Christos Samaras
Quasi una Sonata, for solo piano*
Nicolas Bacri
Serenata a cinque, for wind quintet*
Alexandre Delgado The Panic Flirt, for solo flute*
Ricardo Piacentini
Ti I, for violin and harp*
Marian Ingoldsby
Song of the Half-Cracked Echo, for mezzo-soprano and piano*
Martyn Harry Still Life, for small orchestra*
Marcel Wengler String Trio*
Bubbles Rain*


Adrian Williams Concertino for Viola and String Orchestra*


Michael Berkeley Coronach, for string orchestra*


Robert Spearing Sinfonietta for string orchestra*


Anthony Powers Vespers, for small orchestra*
Adrian Williams
Images of a Mind, for cello and piano*


Adrian Williams The Morning Waits, a song-cycle for baritone and piano*

* indicates Presteigne Festival commission, many supported with funding from the Arts Council of Wales